The Writers’ Blockade is the result of a long thought about idea concerning aspiring Irish writers and a place to call our own.  There are many sites out there for writers to showcase their work but this space intended to inspire, highlight and open a dialogue between people who might only meet behind a computer screen.

Despite that, we all have a united love for writing and expressing ourselves. This is a haven for creative minds to encourage and support one another, to learn and develop by sharing our unique voices in an interactive and open way.

There is no limitations on our imagination and therefore there is no set subject matter or form for submissions.

All topics and passions are welcome and no experience is required. We believe in allowing people to gain their experience here and do not dismiss them for being an ambitious beginner or indeed an advanced writer.

This site was launched on the 23rd of February, 2015 and new submissions will be posted fortnightly. Please feel free to email with any queries or pieces you would like to submit for publication.


Let this be your stage to show the world what you’re capable of.



  1. Great… I’ll have to think of sending on a few bits.

    Only problem I see… once we submit here it will jeopardise our chances of getting the work published by recognised publishers. Have you any experience of this happening? Or, better still, do the publishers visit here to find new material?



    • It is up to each contributor how they feel about submitting pieces, usually publishers/sites don’t appreciate when a writer sends one piece to multiple companies so it’s a case of choosing a site to submit to and getting your work out there. We are only a new site in its infancy so if you wish to send in pieces then feel free to contact the email address.

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      • Grand… I like the idea of joining a “start-up”… let’s hope your site grows and we all get to reap the rewards! Do you plan to get a collection of short stories to a few publishers? That may work for us all!! 😉


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