Dear Soeur

by A. Mountfort

Dear Soeur I write this with sadness in my heart
The fact that you said the things you said tears me apart
I don’t aim to change your mind
But I can’t believe you have become so unkind
My wish for you is to find real love
The love that moves your soul and descends from above.
The love that is not the material sort
The love that does not show off and cannot be bought
No amount of exercise and new cars can compensate
For the elements you have now come to hate
I can’t believe you stand there and judge
All the bitterness and missed opportunities turned into a grudge
My mind cannot comprehend the meanness of my own flesh and blood
Every word to come from your mouth oozes out as dark as mud
The poison that has leaked into every pore
Has crushed the family circle to the core
It is unfortunate we have to part our ways
And it’s best for us to remember the good ol’ days.
So I return to carry on with my life, I say adieu dear Soeur adieu


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