Are we Survivalists by Nature?

By Shane Francis Whelan

In a few hundred years, or a few thousand, when humankind’s own devolution and self-destructive nature has made vacant, the Earth, or if the Andromeda collision in four million years has rendered our species extinct. What will future extraterrestrial excavators and galactic historians incorporate of us in the hall of humankind within the Universal Museum Of Life?

Will the greatest testament to our being, be that we as a species hypocritically and atrociously attempted to evolve, while hindering evolution with false ideologies, hideously devouring our connection to the grandest of schemes of things?

Will it be that we ignorantly, unjustly, unfairly, and indecently coexisted?

Will the feature in such halls of our history be littered with the same vibe of self-dooming and our ignorance of it that is the highlight of our accomplishments but for the individuals who sought truth and being?

Our existence is in vein should we fail to evolve as one, as a unified species. Will the halls be fashioned so as to emphasize our failing systems, systemic idiocies that benefit the some, not the many. Will we to a nether race be the sum of our intolerances, our fanatical blind obedience to improbable and improvable deities, our inability to cooperate harmoniously or synchronically?

Will the halls of humankind in the great galactic museum that instils our presence in the great vacuum of space highlight our own misguided sense of our own human nature to compete in spite of unity?

Will the only memorials built be of tyrants, regimes of tyranny, and the social detachments of humans from humanity?

Will the halls have in some techno-magical display the violent nature of men with money and the great affect and hold they have that downpour unto society, corrupting it, devouring it?

Will there be pictures of the bombs we built and dropped, the genocides, and the religious crimes?

Will the only memorials built in our honour by our alien diggers be to display our savagery, our historical inadequacy to be humanely conduct ourselves in being or, will we one day be able to aid galactic beings in the construction of the Great Hall Of Humanity, within the walls of such a museum?

In that version of the Universal Museum Of Life humanity can be emphasized by one great change, and our evolution in spite of our mistakes, in spite of our failure to be fair, and equal, beyond borders and systems and into unity. A testament to our discovering a love that extends beyond the conventional and the individual, for true survival is measured by our willingness to persist in existence as a species beyond the boundaries of our great planet as a timeless oneness with the cosmos, true survival is ensuring a future for the children of the future, our descendants who are as much us, as we are the first human.


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