The Woods are a Dangerous Place

By James Martinez

Chapter 1

The woods are Calling

They say the woods are a great place to camp or get away from it all but mostly people go to the woods to camp out under the stars. This is the story of 6 couples who on a summers evening decide to go camping in the killer woods as it’s called in a town called Kress. The story goes that 4 couples went to camp out under the stars but some point during the midnight hours in the Treetop Woods terrible things started to happen. Know one knows exactly what happened that night but a passer by walking his dog near the woods heard an enormous scream from the woods and called the local police but when they got there the woods went silent and the police searched the entire woods but found nothing. The next day the family of the 4 couples reported 4 missing persons as they knew they had gone to the Treetop Woods the night before to go camping because they told them so. Rumours started circulating like wildfire over the next few weeks as they would but what happened in the woods that night know one will ever know but one summers evening 6 couples might just find out!!

Chapter 2

The Outing

A summer wind blew down the town of Kress one summers evening and Jack had just finished loading his car with sleeping bags and lite beers. Holly, Sally, Chloe, Max and Sid were waiting in Jacks car while he locked up his apartment and to check if he fed the dogs. Max is trying to scare Chloe with all the stories of the killer woods “they say the 4 killed each other and their ghosts haunt who ever goes into the killer woods” Chloe is trying not to listen by trying to talk to Sally but she’s on the phone to her mum so Chloe just listens to his words trying not to believe every word the moron is saying. Just then Jack gets into the car and looks at them all and says “everyone set”? Holly, Sally, Chloe, Max and Sid all shout yes with excitement and head to The Treetop woods – The killer woods.

Chapter 3

The Plan

The gang arrive at Treetop woods at around 9pm after a 3 hour drive. The gang are glad to be finally there not giving a fuck about a no trespass sign Max gets out of the car and opens the gates that lead into the car park of the woods. Max swings the gate open and Jack speeds passed him leaving Max to walk up to the car park which is about a 5 minute walk passed the gates. The car park they park the car seems to be silent as a mouse when they all get out to un-load the car. Max finally makes it to the car park out of breath he blurts out “Thanks a fucking bunch guys I had to run up the fucking hill “ Jack and Holly are unloading the car while Sid and Chloe are looking out at a sky view of the town of Kress. Suddenly Sid spots a big rain cloud coming there way “Don’t like the look of that rain cloud guys Hurry lets get into them woods fast before were soaked” Jack and Holly Share a kiss then everyone except Max grabs all the stuff Jack put in the car and head into the Treetop Woods. As

there walking Jack says “Now guys here’s the plan once we find our camp ground try not to plunge right into the drink cause we need some for tonight and if any of you love birds wish to be rabbits then take it away from the camp ground I don’t want to here any moans if you get me that’s the plan Yes”? Everyone agrees with Jack, they then proceed deep into the woods. After walking for about 15 minutes the gang find there camp ground and set camp for the night.

Chapter 4


12am came and the camp ground was really heating up with the sound of loud music and drunkards. Sally was in a tent with Max, Jack and Holly was dancing around the fire they made and Chloe and Sid were drunk sitting on a log they found in the woods. Jack starts to jump over the fire about a dozen times Holly tries to stop him but jack is having to much fun being the daredevil. Holly walks over to Max’s tent to see if he can stop him before he falls into it “Max listen I’ve tried to stop jack jumping over the fire but he wont listen could you help me please”? max appears out of the tent and says “ No I won’t that cunt left me at the gates earlier I hope he burns himself it will serve him right, hey Holly Karmas a BITCH!!” and with that Max closes up the text and returns to sally. “Right FUCK YOU MAX 1 OF YOUR BEST MATES COULD FALL INTO A FIRE AND YOUR NOT GOING TO HELP YOUR A FUCKING JERK!!”, Jack finally stops jumping over the fire because he’s tired from jumping so Holly is over the moon with joy and guides him into there tent. Sid is talking with Chloe on the log about the story of the woods suddenly Chloe’s mobile rings “have to get this its my mum checking up on me i wont be a minute” Sid says ok and Chloe gets up and walks behind a few trees. About 5 minutes pass from when Chloe got the call and Sid starts to walk behind the trees were he saw her go “Chloe were did u go? Chloe? Sid notices Chloe’s hair clip on the ground and realizes something has happened. Sid runs back to the camp ground and shouts for everyone to come out of there tents, Jack runs out kind of sober now and says “What’s up? What’s wrong?” Sid then tells him that Chloe wondered of talking to her mother on the phone she said she wouldn’t be a minute but 5 minutes passed and no sign of Chloe so then he said he went were she walked and showed Jack the hair clip he found on the ground behind the trees were she walked. Jack now worried calls to the others saying Chloe is missing and Holly max and sally join jack and Sid around the fire to set out to try to find there friend.

Chapter 5

Looking for Chloe

After hearing Chloe is missing the gang is in distraught and trying to think of the positives where she could have gone stuff like that. Jack tries to calm holly from going mad at Sid “why the fuck didn’t you stay by her side i told her mother I’d fucking take care of her” Sid looks sad and says “ She told me she wouldn’t be a minute and i could see her from where I was sitting but then she went around a tree so I just thought maybe its an important call and when 5 minutes passed i thought she might of been still on the phone so I went to see and she was gone!. Sally boxes Sid in the nose giving out to him about loosening Chloe and says “Chloe is 1 of my best mates we better find her!!”. After all

the anger is blasted out at Sid, Jack grabs a flashlight and a crowbar he brought along just in case something happened during the night.

Chapter 7

Splitting up

After deciding to split up Jack and Holly go one way and Max and Sally go the other, Jack starts to fear that Chloe has got kidnapped by maybe a person watching from the trees while they partied the night away. Max and Sally are walking for a bit then sally sees a river thinking Chloe might be there she runs to look but doesn’t see her but on the other side she sees her jumper on a pile of rocks “oh my god look max there’s her jumper across the river “. Max and Sally see a big branch and place it on there side to the other it wasn’t a big gap to the other side but it was dark and they had to try get across. Max starts to climb across the branch Sally tries to hold the branch steady but is not doing a good job because she is cold and sad about Chloe being gone. Max finally gets across and grabs the jumper but no sign of Chloe is in sight “She’s not over here Sally but there’s a bit of blood on her jumper”. Sally looking shocked starts to cry hard screaming as well max climbs back fast to tend to Sally. Meanwhile Jack and Holly are walking through a terrain of bushes trying to find any trace of Chloe suddenly Holly spots a house behind some trees. “Do you think she’s in there Jack? Jack looks at the house and says “Lets go see” Holly and Jack walk towards the house with the crowbar raised in Jacks Hand.

Chapter 8

The house of evil

Jack and Holly approach the house and walk around the back to see if there is a way in thru a window. Max and Sally are running thru the woods shouting Jack and Holly’s name then they come across a jeep in a ditch. Max tries to open the door but its locked then he picks up a rock and throws it thru the left side window and sure enough it smashes and max climbs in and finds a set of keys on the passenger seat, Max tries to start the jeep but there is no petrol left in the jeep. Before getting out max searches the jeep to see who it belongs to, He finds a picture of a girl in the glove compartment and knows straight away who it is and goes to tell sally “Firstly there’s no petrol in the jeep and second look at the picture i found while searching the jeep isn’t that one of the girls who went missing? Sally seeing the picture knows straight away that it is and says “Jesus!! That’s Jesse Kirk I recognize her because her picture was all over town when she went missing”. Max and Sally now realize that the jeep they found is that of the 4 couples drove while driving to the woods a few years back. Meanwhile Jack and Holly find a ladder at the back of the house jack goes to climb it then turns to Holly “ok you stay here and I’ll go up and see if there’s a way in I’ll wave down if there is ok, now hold the ladder steady”. Holly is keeping watch while jack climbs the ladder to the roof. On the roof now jack sees a hatch open so he goes over to the ladder he climbed and waves down at holly and she climbs up to him. Jack and Holly on the roof now go over to the hatch and climb into a dusty attic.

Chapter 9

The Rescue

Jack and Holly now in the attic of the house start to move slowly across the strips of wood in case the old wood wouldn’t hold there weight. They get to an opening with a ladder to climb down into the house. Jack climbs down telling holly to stay in the attic holly don’t argue so she stays put. Jack is walking thru the house when he here’s a moan come from a room he opens the door to find Chloe all chained up against a wall and blood streaming down her face and tape around her mouth. Jack is in shock when he sees her and walks over to wipe the blood of her face. Holly still up the attic notices that on one side of the attic there are a lot of blood stains on the wood. Jack takes the tape of Chloe’s mouth and she awakes, “Chloe what the hell happened who did this to you?” Chloe looks into jacks eyes and says “ A Maniac jack a fucking Maniac, he grabbed me when I was on the phone to my mum and I dropped my phone he brought me back here and cut me on my forehead and chained me to the fucking wall”. Just then a door swings open from the front of the house so jack puts the tape back on Chloe’s mouth and hides in the room. Jack hides under a table in the room and has his crowbar at the ready. Suddenly the door in the room swings open revealing a true maniac with a axe in his hand, he walks over to Chloe who now terrified he says to her “I’m sorry about this but god told me to do it to you and to the other 5”, then he raises his axe about to chop Chloe when jack appears behind him and strikes him on the back with the crowbar. Blood splatters in jacks face then the maniac turns around and tries to chop jack with the axe but jack whacks his kneecaps so hard that the maniac falls to the ground then jack whacks his face with the crowbar. The maniac is killed instantly jack then tries to help Chloe get out of the chains so he picks up the maniacs axe and tries to chop thru the chains which break and Chloe is free. Jack grabs Chloe and they make a move to the attic he climbs up the ladder with Chloe then when they reach the top they see holly dead in a pool of blood jack and Chloe know there is nothing they can do both real shocked and sad of what there seeing they have to keep moving Jack places his jumper over holly “Holly ill love you forever I’m so sorry I left you up here, sleep tight” Jack kisses his love then moves out the hatch onto the roof with Chloe crying about the whole ordeal.

Chapter 10

One Last Kiss

Jack and Chloe make it down the ladder at the back of the house; Chloe turns to jack and says “where are Max and Sally”? Jack replies before when we were looking for you we decided to split up so their probably back at the camp ground. They start to walk away from the house when they see Sally running out of a bush “Sally I found Chloe where is max? Holly was killed by a madman in that house I’m so sad but I just want to get out of here right now “Sally starts to cry but jack says stop holly would want us to get out of this nightmare now come on. Max comes running out of the bush and is real happy to see Chloe but is real sad that holly got killed but understands what jack is saying then they all start to walk out of the woods together as the sunrises Max turns to Sally and says “How about one last kiss before we leave the killer woods” they share a kiss and all of them walk to the car they came in.


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