The Enlightenment

By A. Mountfort

She sat staring at the table top in front of her, seeing it but not really aware of it. How did she get to this point? Three minutes and fifty two seconds ago, her whole world fell apart, crumbled like a day old biscuit that had been left out of the tin.

Devastation descended upon her as she began to realise what his actions really meant. She began to think about all she had given up to be here, family, friends, job and her home.

Now as she watched him get into the car without a care in the world, she knew what she truly meant to him. Today out of all days, she needed him, she didn’t want to have to ask him, she wanted him to want to be there. But as his car drove away she knew he had never even considered it.
As she turned around she planted a smile on her face, she needed to be strong for the little expectant eyes looking up at her.  She felt as though life was never going to be the same again.
It was as if somebody had opened the blinds and the room took on a different hue, the truth did this, it was like leaving a pot of cold, grey porridge in the sink, something you wanted to ignore but could not, not if you ever wanted to use the pot again.
The problem was, she did not know what to do, how was she going to get out of this situation without leaving emotional carnage strewn around.

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